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You can access the BASA pool from Canal Road. You may know this pool as the "Saltus pool" as it is located on the edge of Saltus property. Access the pool by either going down the one-way street by the tennis courts near Bernard's Park or approaching from Hamilton side near Bull's Head outside parking lot. There is no access to the pool from the Saltus campus. To get to the pool, take the path that runs along the canal. When parking please be sure not to park in the residential spots.

I would also really appreciate it everyone would please not park on either side the road near the bright green building / right by the path up to the canal. There is an area of land used as storage for 40-foot trailers, 40-foot containers and cabs on the opposite side of the street and slightly east of the bright green building. The container trucks need the full width of the road right there to be about to pull in and out of their lot. They are not done at 5pm, so this holds true right up to our 6pm finish time. I know it's a pain, but there is parking around by Wee Care, MSA and Pasta Basta. leave time, you might very well be parking a few minutes away. Another option for parking is the lot just south of the traffic lights near saltus. There is a set of stairs that will take you down to canal road, but please be careful. Traffic moves fast down Canal Road.

If you are parked on Canal Road, please try to pack up and leave after your lessons as quickly as you can to free up your space for someone coming to lessons after you. 

St John's Road at the connection to Cedar Avenue is currently closed please use an alternative route.

BASA DIRECTIONS (in pictures)
Overview map showing where the BASA pool is
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