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St. Georges

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The St. George's location is a privately owned house with two pools on the property:

  • a 34-foot pool with a maximum depth of 8 feet 

  • a purpose-built baby pool that is a comfortable standing depth for adults.

Both pools are heated as required to 86-88°F minimum, often warmer.

There is a bathroom behind the house for your use (if desperate during covid times). Plenty of space around the pool for supporting cheerleaders and a large yard to picnic in (when gathering numbers are on the more generous side).  ​

BASA (Saltus Pool)

2017-10-04 09.39.26.jpg

The Saltus Pool is a 25-meter facility. There are male and female changing rooms with showers. The pool is held at a constant temperature of 80°.


To help our younger swimmers feel more comfortable, we add many underwater risers to the shallow end so that there are plenty of places for them to stand.  


There is seating for parents to watch lessons on the bleachers or up on the balcony (when gathering numbers allow). 

  • After passing the airport headed East, turn left at the roundabout taking you over Swing Bridge.

  • About 200-meters later, veer left and travel up Ferry Road.

  • Once you are headed downhill again, look for Shore Hills Lane on your left (this is opposite the main entrance to the Rubis head office).

  • The pools are ¼ mile down Shore Hills Lane on your left. There is a large lot to park in on the Northern side of the pools.



  • Canal Road is the one-way street that runs beside the tennis courts near Bernard's Park. The path to the pool will be on your right.


  • Canal Road is one of the turnings off the new small roundabout behind Bull's Head parking lot / tall Corporation of Hamilton building. The path to the pool will be on your left.

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