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3 to 16

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16 and up


3 years +


If we are currently running lessons, you can see our most current schedule by clicking here.

We want our swimmers to swim with style, efficiency and water smarts. Learning to swim well is challenging with many little nuances along the way that need to be shaped. It is our firm belief that to learn to swim well and in a safe environment, every child needs 100% of the instructor’s attention for the entire lesson and so we only offer 1:1 lessons.


During most school holidays we run Intensive courses where lessons are daily, Monday to Friday. You can book any and all weeks you wish your child to swim. Because of the intensity, we see rapid progress in this program.


During the term time, we sometimes run courses booked like all other after school activities. You will book a day and a time and attend your lesson every week in your designated spot. Lessons can be requested Monday through Saturday.

Every child’s needs, personality and path is different. Our instructors are all trained in house to use the same teaching techniques, but they too bring their own personalities and strengths to the pool. We take the process of choosing the right instructor for each child very seriously. Our booking process is no joke.

To make your booking, please complete our New Client Form if you are not already in our database and then email us and be sure to include the following info:

  • Swimmer’s name

  • Swimmer's age

  • Which pool you would like to swim at

  • Weeks you would like to swim (if booking for school holiday lessons)

  • All times you can attend a lesson in order of preference

  • Days and times you would like to swim (if booking for term time lessons)

  • Your preference on a less, mid range or more experienced instructor

  • Best day and evening number to call in case of any questions

Minimum age? 3 (but sometime 2 ½ year olds are ready, in this instance we prefer them to have previously attending our baby program and have tested out of those lessons)


Max age? There is no max

Locations? St. George’s (Ferry Reach) and Pembroke (BASA aka Saltus pool)


Skills taught? Submerging, breath control, floating, kicking, treading, water safety, the 4 competitive strokes


Price? $25 - $60 per 30-minute lesson – price varies depending on how experienced your instructor is


Requirements? Bathingsuit, towel, good quality goggles (can be purchased on poolside for $25) and a pair of good listening ears


Term-time program? Often, but not always. One lesson each week at a set time and day for the duration of a month or possibly a term.


School holiday program? Intensive week long courses offered Monday through Thursday/Friday in most weeks that school’s are out. Times available over the cooler holidays are usually 3pm-6pm  but our summer intensives are offered 10am-12pm and 2pm-7pm

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